Suprise Ending

Bye For Now


Dreamers Journeys is officially on hold.

As we were leaving Lima on Tuesday we hit a bird that made a huge impact on the present situation.

This bird, must have been an Andean Condor because it cracked the whole windshield of the plane during takeoff and left a red mess behind on the nose of the plane.

We then had to turn back and land in Lima for safety.

This delayed us 4 hours.

We missed our connecting flight to Costa Rica and the airline covered one night of accommodation in Miami and we changed our flight to the next day.

Spent a great night around the buffet table and slot machines.

Today we boarded our flight to Costa Rica and when we arrived we didn’t make it passed immigration because we didn’t have our yellow fever vaccination.

Now, we did do our research about this before travelling in Peru the yellow fever vaccination is recommended but not required.

It is not required in Costa Rica either, however, if you are traveling from Peru to Costa Rica it is mandatory and you have to prove so with documentation, which we did not have.

There was no way around it, we were directed back into a flight to Miami quicker than we could process what was even happening.

This was the airlines responsibility to check this before we even boarded. But with the bird commotion a lot was forgotten…


We’re still in Miami airport, waiting for our flights home to Toronto (me) and San Fransisco (Sergio). We tried to make the most of Miami, but it is so damn expensive. $250 minimum for a hotel and everything is full because there is a huge art event going on in South Beach.

Really can’t afford another $500 flight back to Central America either..

Saving the last of my money and heading home.

If ayahuasca has taught me anything it’s that whatever will be will be, don’t sweat the small stuff and don’t be upset over things you cannot control.

Peru was meant to be and the others were not at this time.

It will be nice to be home to my family and loving boyfriend… I guess I will be home for Christmas!

Stay tuned for more Dreamers Journeys.

I’m not putting away the passport and pack quite yet.

Nicole 🌻


Last Day in Peru

On The Road

Spending our last day in Peru in the wonderful district of Miraflores, we’re back at Enjoy Hostel near the ocean.

What an overall experience. I cannot wait to come back… Yes, I will be back!!

Tommorrow morning our journey continues in Costa Rica. It will be an airport day without doubt, connecting in Miami. What a tease.

Looking forward to the warmer climate, jungle, beaches, fruit and surfing!

Spending the last of my Peruvian Soles on shorts, bathing suits and beach clothes. Leaving behind some warmer clothes and getting ready to be kissed by the sun.

Welcoming a new currency tomorrow. The Costa Rican Colon. Where $1 CAD is 454 Colons… This should be a fun conversion… Thankfully I have an app.

Happy with everything that has come my way! We saw a great portion of the huge country. We were blessed with good situations and great people. With memories made and a few things crossed off the bucket list I’m ready to move on to country number 2 of this trip.

Spent a total of 42 days in Peru.
Spent way too much money.

Nicole 🌻

Ayahuasca Plant Diet


In order to reap all the potential benefits in the medicine of mother ayahuasca the body needs to be a little weak. We followed a special plant diet while staying at the retreat, we only ate three meals on days that we did not have ceremonies. On days with ceremonies (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) we only had breakfast and lunch.

Our meals were vegetarian, we had no sugar, fruit, seasonings, spices or dairy.

Some of the meals were 1 hard boiled egg with a cup of porridge. Rice with 1 hard boiled egg, vegetable soup, rice with lentils 1 egg and a shredded beet and carrot salad.

It was very basic, and we were pretty hungry. I would say we had about 800-900 calories a day, less on days with a ceremony. We limited our movement to save energy, took a lot of naps, drank unlimited amounts of herbal tea, journaled, finished a few books and spent time enjoying the sounds and space in nature.

By the end of the week I had almost no cravings but felt weak. I’ve done some cleanses in the past but this felt different (probably all the energy released in purging). The combination of the plant diet with the ayahuasca I think heightened my experience. I really felt renewed and rejuvenated after only 5 days.

Really looking forward to returning to DreamGlade and recommending it to all my friends and family.

Nicole 🌻



Was picked up from the hostel at noon on Monday and we were not sure what to expect of the upcoming week. With 2 other Ayahuasc-ers, Stacy and Estela (our curondera) already in the small Toyota truck it was a tight squeeze with the addition of 3 more.

By the end of the pick-ups we had 9 people packed in. Fun ride into the jungles just outside Iquitos Peru on an undeveloped road, two of the boys in the back holding on for their dear lives while also watching that no bags flew off the back.

We pulled into the retreat at about 3pm on Monday afternoon. Nestled in the jungle was DreamGlade retreat run by Stacy and his team of magic. The retreat had a small rain water lake an area for eating as a group, a malaka for the ceremonies and sleeping, a set of tambos for those who requested private rooms and then bathrooms. Hammocks all around and multiple relaxing places to support spiritual growth while in the natural beauty of the rainforest.

We had our first ceremony that Monday night. We prepared first at 5pm with our first plant bath, we introduced this plant as a form of protection during the ceremony. Once it started to get dark we all found ourselves in the malaka in our separate beds arranged in a circle on the perimeter. The malaka was beautifully built, 12 points and the roof design looked like a giant dream catcher, which it was.

At 7pm we went over what to expect from the Ayahuasca. For the majority of us (minus 3) it was our first ceremony with Aya.

Stacy and Drew were monitoring all 8 of us, checking up on us and helping with anything we needed. Estela our curondera would be working on us spiritually through chants, smells and smoke, keeping the negative energies away, we were all in good hands.

Aya can be very unpredictable. We we all made an intention/ purpose for the ceremony and after drinking we were advised to resist the urge and hold down the Aya for at least 20 minutes before beginning to purge (which is a very important part). Once you purge the visions begin and you can feel Aya within you. It comes differently for all.

So at around 7:30pm we began to mediate/ relax as Stacy cleared the energy in the room with the smoke of the Palo Santo. At 8pm we were called up in small groups to take our special shot of the Aya.

The whole experience was very magical. Feeling the energy from everyone in the room. Being in the pitch darkness but yet seeing colours, fractals, geometrics, lights, movement, animals and colours you’ve never seen before.

Different for all but the words that came to mind were bliss, love, happiness, acceptance, respect, gratitude, caring and appreciation.

We all have different reasons for seeking Aya, it’s not for me to share everyone’s story, the stories are out there. All I can say is, this medicine opened me up to a whole new beautiful world that I saw much differently before. I feel the love for myself, the planet and the people living on it. I feel my connection to wolves, feathers, dream catchers, love and the flower of life sacred geometry pattern.

It was beautiful to explore my mind.

I think I’ve shared enough for tonight.

Much more to say about the week, diet, sleeping, companions..

On this note, I have gotten all I that I seek from Aya for now. Now I look forward to bringing some of the ones I love to experience this for breaking down some of the walls they may have, closing some of the circles and to better understand their connection to the universe.

Nicole 🌻

Iquitos and Ayahuasca


Leaving for Iquitos this morning, going by plane since there is no road access, once getting into the rainforest we will be staying for the next week to explore these new grounds.

Spending 5 days with DreamGlade, an Ayahuasca retreat. Not sure exactly what to expect for my experience. I have never played around with hallucinogens before; so why not start with the most powerful Nicole?

This may open the doors to a whole new psychedelic reality for me. Let’s hope I can keep my mind and not lose it in the process.

Parents, friends and fellow followers, Ayahuasca is one of the main reasons besides Machu Picchu that made me want to come to Peru (Sergio and I alike). Ayahuasca is a psychedelic brew that is native to the jungles of Peru, it’s a mix of DMT containing leaves from various plants.

Ayahuasca opens your mind to spiritual revelations regarding your purpose on earth and shows you how you can be the best person you can be. It is a way to be “reborn”. The brew gives you visual and auditory access to higher spiritual dimensions and spirits that can act as guides and healers.

Ayahuasca gives you positive changes after consuming and can help rid fear and unwanted habits. In order to rid yourself of the negativity you go through a “purge” in which you likely can vomit or feel the urge to go to washroom, the Shaman (physical spiritual healing guide) suggests this to be the way of ridding the body of negativity.

Reading people’s experiences are all amazing and so unique. I can’t wait to experience it for myself.

3 ceremonies this week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Although I will be without wifi I will do my best to journal and offline blog.

Stay tuned friends,

Nicole 🌻



Getting excited for our flight tomorrow to Iquitos. But today we are spending a good part of our last day in Miraflores in a tattoo shop so Sergio can get inked!

Pictures of his to come, I already got mine on my 21st birthday on this past Wednesday (November 19th) I got lyrics from one of my boyfriends and I’s favourite bands, Brand New. My placement is in a little bit of a sultry spot so I will not be sharing the final (for select eyes only) but I have a picture I took during the session… It says “I don’t mind you under my skin”.

Amazing experience, clean equipment and shop. The healing process is what I remember. Keeping it clean with GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract spray) and moisturizing multiple times daily with my natural face cream.

If you enjoy tattoos and can ever get to Zhimpa Tattoos in Miraflores Lima it’s well worth it. $77 Canadian (200 soles) for a hour long tattoo… That’s unheard of where I am from. All the artists were talented. Ivan worked on me, excellent lines and he works well on script!

Ink me some more!

Nicole 🌻





It’s A Cocaine Game Out Here

State of Mind

Cocaine everywhere! amongst all the vending of all kinds of things on the surface what really runs the show is what’s pulsing right under the surface, Cocaine! When you’re approached by someone offering you gum, art, crafts or cigarettes you got to ask what is it they are really trying to sell? As soon as you reject their offer for their surface goods the real nitty gritty comes out in one word “COCAINA”.

Talking to a sketchy hostel receptionist late yesterday he really broke it down (not the white stuff though he was coming across as if he could if I really wanted), Peru is run by cocaine its cheap value among locals makes it as easy as bumming a cigarette off someone. The amount of tourists in Peru looking for that pure stuff makes it a nice business marketing to the higher paying tourist so it seems everyone is in the business. Dig a little and you can find what you are looking for dig a little further and you might wish you had never had the curiosity. Colombians and Bolivians and now Mexicans move the stuff through Peru and to the north. Be carful where you are and what you are looking for because the power of these cartels are no joke now a days, a lost tourist might with a good passport might be something they just might be interested in.


Healing With Homeopathy


I’ve been sick since Huacachina, on and off with stomach upset, cramps, hot and cold spells, dizziness, loss of appetite, star seeing, nausea and the unspeakable.

I’m feeling sparse on the stores of activated charcoal so I was more than relieved when we walked by a Homeopathic shop today. 20 soles for a remedy that will knock this parasite or whatever out of my lovely intestines!

A combination of Nux Vomica, Carbo Veg, Lycopodium and Bryonia and then a separate bottle of China CPTA.

Choosing Homeopathy to HEAL rather than drugs to temporarily sooth the situation.


Nicole 🌻




Back in Miraflores


Took the Tepsa bus line for 18 hours (plus afew) from Cusco to Lima on Friday. It was $50 cheaper than flying and just as uncomfortable and long as I thought.

But by 1pm the next day we were back in Miraflores checking into Flying Dog Hostel beside Kennedy Square.

I didn’t think it was possible to fall in love with this little district of Lima any more! I absolutely love it here. I’m happy to be near sea level again, I can breathe! I also find it lease pressure driven by locals trying to sell you things, it’s much more home like.

My favourite thing about Miraflores is all the cats in Kennedy Square. Like atleast 50. They just chill here. They have a little booth for adoption. It’s cat world.

Taking in the moments,

Nicole 🌻






Machu Picchu #2

Machu Picchu

Number two because I think I deleted the first post. Which is a huge bugger because I worked so hard on it πŸ˜….

Tough luck Nicole, you gotta share the experience and the pictures, so get those little fingers a-typin.

I can’t even share all the history cause I deleted the note I took in my phone because I’m anal about organization and so I delete things I no longer need. I’ll share what I remember but Wikipedia will have your answers.

We woke up at 3:40am to leave Aguas Callientes for 4am. With only 3 hours maximum of sleep we made our way over in the dark (but with the help of Sergio’s flashlight) to the Machu Picchu gate.

Doors opened at 5am and the line was growing with eagers like ourselves. It was at this point we remember and then regretted not having any water at all, before leaving or for during what was coming up for us.

We climbed those lovely placed stairs for an hour and a bit. Taking a few breaks on the way up. More because of the dehydration, less because of the intensity. Or maybe it was a combo. Regardless it was draining.

We arrived at the top aka the second gate for Machu Picchu where I secretly sneered at the busses that were gracefully transporting people up.

Main goal now was water. I wanted infinite water! And what did we get, water for 8 soles (normally it’s 2) except… It didn’t come out of the vending machine! Gaaaaah.

Continued without, started our tour at 6:20am. Learned all about the different temples, rooms and gardens of Machu Picchu. It was so magical to see the pictures I’ve dreamt myself into become a reality. We were there in perfect timing to get some great shots before the place was packed with tourists.

I am still fascinated with how the incas, like other ancient cultures built their sacred spaces using guidance from the sun and constellations. They used shadows as a form of message that display the changing seasons. You can see resemblance in the shadows of llamas on this rock and faces in the mountains on certain days. (Llamas were the sacrificees)

Machu Picchu has over 1,000,000 visitors annually and 3,000 – 4,000 visitors daily. Due to the high volume of energy and trekking brought through the abandoned city it is true that within the next 5 years Machu Picchu’s visitor rights will change and it will only be seen by a terrace that over looks the ruins in order to preserve this sacred city. If it’s on your bucket list, see it now! And you don’t have to pay a crazy price and book ahead there are tons of tour options that you can literally sign up for 2 days before (like we did).

I should mention that we found water! After our tour, drank about 4 bottles. We then continued our trek and hiked Machu Picchu mountain for a good two hours to get to a more distant view of this world wonder.

It was all divine. We were pretty tired but then at the same time the view had us mesmerized.

Best part, waking all the way back down – NOT!

So worth it now but I’m trying to speak like how I was thinking at the time.

Left at 4am got back into the town at 4pm. Total time hiking 12 hours. Dehydrated for half.

Took one (or two) recovery days after all those stairs πŸ˜…

But I got some sweet pics and I crossed something off my bucket list!

(I’m smiling)

Nicole 🌻